Daylight savings starts October 1st 2023. Alas.
September 14, 2023
December 7, 2021
By Dr. Andrew Campbell-Lloyd

Daylight savings starts October 1st 2023. Alas.

I love Adelaide. I really do. I love the three seasons that aren't summer.

I'm not made for summers. I'm too pale, and I don't tan. I detest, with a true passion, temperatures over 35 degrees and the searing heat of the western sun as it traces its interminable course to finally sink below the horizon some time after 9pm, as it does between December and February. Daylight savings is probably the only way to make Adelaide summers even more painful.

Daylight savings has to be one of humanity's intellectual low points. I have never heard a decent justification for it. Give me an early sunrise and a normal bloody sunset any day. Of course, I was born in QLD so what would you expect. Faded curtains and confused cows and all that.

Regardless, daylight savings shall commence this year on October 1st 2023.

The point of all of this, beyond my impending misery as the temperature rises, is to remind our lovely interstate patients (in particular) that we will switch from ACST to ACDT, so if you have a telehealth consultation coming up anytime from Monday October 2nd, and you are looking at your appointment time, it will be completely beyond normal human comprehension how this will translate into your local time, and it is best to remember that deciphering daylight savings time changes is pretty much the only reason anyone uses the "world time" function on their phone.

In the meantime enjoy the lovely spring weather wherever you are.