Restoring Natural
Form & Aesthetics.

Aesthetic Breast Surgery,
Breast Implant Revision & Fat Transfer.

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Restoring Natural
Form & Aesthetics.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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Restoring Natural
Form & Aesthetics.

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Dr Andrew Campbell-Lloyd (FRACS) is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon whose practice is dedicated to complex breast surgery.

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Dr Campbell-Lloyd is an expert in breast implant removal (explant surgery), breast implant revision (to address complications from previous surgery), fat transfer to the breast, and breast reconstruction after cancer treatment.

He has a long-standing focus on the treatment of complications associated with breast implants, and a special interest in the development of implant-free techniques to achieve permanent, totally natural surgical results.

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Dr Andrew Campbell Lloyd

Dr. Andrew Campbell-Lloyd

Specialist Plastic Surgeon.
B.Sc M.B.B.S. FRACS (Plast.)


Dr Campbell-Lloyd is a highly specialised Plastic Surgeon offering exceptional care in the following areas:

Aesthetic Breast Surgery,
Breast Implant Removal & Fat Transfer

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Breast Reconstruction Surgery

  • Breast reconstruction after cancer treatment is often complex and may include:
  • DIEP (deep inferior epigastric artery perforator) flaps and PAP flaps
  • Tissue expander and implant reconstruction
  • Symmetry procedures including nipple reconstruction, breast lift and breast reduction
  • Acellular dermal matrices (ADM) and biological meshes
  • Autologous fat grafting/fat transfer procedures
  • Correction of developmental breast differences including constricted or tuberous breast, and breast asymmetry
  • Correction of previous implant-based breast reconstruction procedures performed elsewhere
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Surgery Wait Times

Please use the link below to get in touch for the most up-to-date waiting times.

We require that all cosmetic & reconstructive breast surgery patients have at least two consultations prior to surgery.

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Cosmetic Breast Surgery (including revision)
Bookings for consultations & surgery are now open!

3-4 weeks

Delayed Breast Reconstruction
Consultations are now available. Contact us for appointment times.

6-8 weeks

Immediate Breast Reconstruction
(at time of mastectomy)
Please contact the rooms regarding consultations for immediate reconstruction.


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