Aesthetic Breast Surgery,Breast Implant Revision & Fat Transfer

New Patient Information

Dr Campbell-Lloyd specialises in reconstructive, aesthetic and revision breast surgery.

We strongly encourage you to do some research before your appointment and bring a list of questions to ask.

When you submit an appointment request or call to make an appointment, we will send you a link to our online patient portal. We will need to collect some of your personal information prior to your appointment. Please ensure that you read our privacy and fees policies here.

Your referring doctor may already have sent an electronic copy of your referral to us, but please also ensure you upload a copy of the referral to the patient portal.

Please note: If you are seeing us for cosmetic surgery, it is a requirement (from July 1st 2023) that you have a referral.

Read more here about referrals for plastic surgery.

For interstate or distant patients we are pleased to offer comprehensive telehealth services using Coviu. Consultations over Coviu are rebatable through Medicare just like a face-to-face consultation. We are able to offer both pre-operative and post-operative telehealth consultations with Dr Campbell-Lloyd, however please note that a face-to-face consultation will be required before any surgical booking is confirmed. The Coviu platform allows us to 'screen-share' to facilitate demonstration of before-and-after photos for all telehealth consultations, just as we would in person.

Reconstructive Breast Surgery Procedures

  • We ask all patients requesting reconstructive procedures to provide a referral from your GP or another specialist. For ladies who have been (or are being) treated for breast cancer, the details of your past and ongoing treatment are particularly important. Ideally, a referral will include this information, and it will allow Dr Campbell-Lloyd to correspond with other members of your treating team.
  • We will provide you with a detailed plan for surgery including any necessary item numbers so that you can check your level of cover with your health fund.
  • All initial consultations for reconstructive breast surgery last for 45 minutes. You will have an in-depth discussion with Dr Campbell-Lloyd to assess the most appropriate options for you. You will have detailed photography performed to help in planning your reconstruction. Consultations are $300, and you will receive a Medicare rebate of $80.85. Due to the complexity of the procedures we perform, you will be required to have a second consultation (bulk billed) to finalise a surgical plan and sign a consent form. If you are unsure about proceeding and wish to have a further discussion, or request more than two consultations you will be billed per subsequent visit $100 with a rebate of $40.65.

Aesthetic Breast Surgery Procedures

  • You may need a referral for aesthetic procedures, and if you have one you will be entitled to claim the Medicare rebate on your consultation. We always recommend patients considering breast implant removal or body contouring surgery (including breast reduction) do seek a referral for their consultation.
  • Some aesthetic breast surgery procedures such as implant removal/ explant surgery may be covered by an item number, in which case, the procedure is classified as medical/reconstructive. Other procedures, including any form of cosmetic implant replacement will not be covered by an item number, in which case those procedures are classified as purely cosmetic.
  • The Australian Health Regulator, AHPRA, has indicated that from July 1 2023, purely cosmetic procedures will have some additional requirements that will not apply to procedures considered to be reconstructive.
  • From July 1 2023, all patients seeking purely cosmetic procedures (ie. those procedures not covered in any way by an item number, which would include mastopexy, cosmetic breast implant revision and fat transfer breast augmentation) MUST have a referral from their GP. The referral must come from a doctor who does not themselves perform any form of cosmetic procedure (which includes cosmetic injectables).
  • It is permitted for a patient to use a referral to see a surgeon of their choosing, irrespective of who the referral is addressed to.
  • From July 1 2023, all patients seeking purely cosmetic procedures must undergo pre-consultation screening assessments for Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). Dr Campbell-Lloyd has chosen to use the validated "COPS" assessment tool and this will be provided to you for completion prior to your appointment.
  • We will provide you with a detailed plan for any surgery, with cost estimates including any relevant item numbers, so that you can check your level of cover with your health fund (where applicable).
  • In aesthetic cases, where item numbers apply, you will still have out-of-pocket costs that your health fund will not cover. However, where your health insurance policy includes cover for applicable item numbers, your health fund may cover (a portion of) the costs of your hospitalisation & theatre fees.
  • Prepayment for cosmetic consultations is required. If we are unable to finalise payment and/or you cannot be contacted, we will cancel your appointment to allow another patient from our waiting list to be brought forward.
  • All aesthetic consultations last for 45 minutes. You will have a detailed discussion with Dr Campbell-Lloyd to assess the most appropriate options for you. You will have clinical photography (and careful sizing for certain procedures) performed to help in planning your surgery. The current (2024) Consultation fee for Dr Campbell-Lloyd is $300.
  • You may receive a Medicare rebate of $80.85. Following the July 1 2023 AHPRA update which mandates a referral for all purely cosmetic procedeures, please note that, despite having a referral, Medicare rebates will not apply where the only topics of discussion are purely cosmetic procedures. The applicability or otherwise of a rebate on your consultation may only be determined after your discussion with Dr Campbell-Lloyd.
  • Due to the complexity of the procedures we perform, you will be required to have a second consultation (at no additional cost) to finalise a surgical plan and sign a consent form. Should further consultations be required, this can be arranged as required.
Dr Andrew Campbell Lloyd
  • It is our responsibility to our patients to provide honest, respectful opinions based on our expertise and experience. We do our best to accommodate your unique personal circumstances and expectations when formulating a surgical plan, and we will take the time to ensure that you have a complete understanding of any information presented. We will always prioritise safe, and effective clinical care. We treat every patient with the dignity and respect they deserve. We welcome feedback and constructive comments and we consistently seek improvement.

    Please understand that Dr Campbell-Lloyd's surgical opinion in no way constitutes an obligation or commitment to provide a surgical procedure. We reserve the right to decline surgery where we hold concerns regarding the safety or appropriateness of proceeding.
  • It is our expectation of our patients that they will treat us with courtesy and respect. We understand that patients may be dealing with challenging health and personal circumstances, and we acknowledge that considering surgery can be a frightening experience, but we will not tolerate rudeness, hostility, or aggression in any form or for any reason. We will ask patients who demonstrate such behaviour to seek treatment elsewhere.

    We expect that our patients will be sufficiently invested in their treatment to be reasonably contactable, and to respond to communications from us in a timely manner. We expect that our patients will be honest in their dealings with us, including with respect to their medical history. We expect that our patients will comply with the instructions provided by Dr Campbell-Lloyd and/or the staff of ACLPS, where required, to minimise the risk of complications.

    We reserve the right to terminate a clinical relationship (once it is safe to do so) if there is a failure by a patient to observe the above.

If you consider that we fall short in meeting our obligations to you, we encourage you to provide honest feedback to us at any time. Please outline your concerns in writing, so that we can use such opportunities to improve our service. Please contact us here.

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