Aesthetic Breast Surgery,Breast Implant Revision & Fat Transfer

Aesthetic Breast Surgery, Breast Implant Removal/ Explant surgery & Fat Transfer

Dr Andrew Campbell-Lloyd specialises in aesthetic breast surgery, with an interest in implant-free techniques & fat transfer to the breast.

His practice is dedicated to helping patients who require breast implant removal/explant surgery, breast implant revision (to correct previous cosmetic & reconstructive procedures), and in providing natural alternatives for women who wish to enhance the appearance of their breasts.

Explant surgery & Breast implant revision

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Explant surgery / Breast implant removal + Capsulectomy
Breast implant revision surgery

Dr Campbell-Lloyd’s extensive experience allows him to offer solutions for patients who are experiencing complications from previous breast implant surgery. Management of breast implant complications is challenging, and requires a combination of technical precision and creative planning to ensure aesthetically pleasing results.

We treat women from throughout Australia - if you are planning to travel to see us, please get in touch so that we can assist in planning.

Ruptured breast implants, capsular contracture, breast pain, implant "animation", changes in the breast (due to pregnancy, weight change or age) and symptoms attributed to breast implant illness may all lead to patients seeking corrective surgery. Dr Campbell-Lloyd takes a unique approach to managing breast implant complications incorporating total capsulectomy + muscle repair (where required), often combined in a single procedure with mastopexy or fat transfer. The technique used offers functional and aesthetic benefits, and allows the surgery to be performed as a day case, with no drains required.

Due to his focus on explant procedures and natural tissue-only techniques, Dr Campbell-Lloyd chooses not to offer primary cosmetic breast augmentation with breast implants in his practice.

Breast enhancement & rejuvenation

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Fat transfer/fat grafting to the breast
Mastopexy (breast lift) surgery
Breast Reduction surgery
Asymmetry and 'Tuberous' breast correction

Dr Campbell-Lloyd is committed to the idea of totally natural cosmetic breast surgery, and chooses not to use breast implants for primary cosmetic breast enlargement.

Enhancement or rejuvenation of the breast may focus on:

  • adding volume
  • lifting the breast
  • decreasing the size and weight of the breast.

Each of these goals can be achieved independently or in combination, depending on the wishes of the patient. For example, we can add volume to the breast with fat transfer, for a lady with a small breast who simply wants to be a little bigger. Alternatively, we can add volume with fat transfer whilst also doing a breast lift in the same procedure, to correct for both volume loss and deflation of the breast that some ladies experience after breast feeding.

Using a combination of the techniques above, aesthetic breast surgery can also help women with breast asymmetry & congenital differences such as tuberous breast.

Cost information

Please see our costs page for details on pricing. Where item numbers may apply, we have included approximate out-of-pocket costs for both insured and uninsured patients. The use of item numbers will be dependent on assessment of the individual case.

A consultation with Dr Campbell-Lloyd would be required to determine the procedure suitable to the individual. Individual quotes will then be provided after your consultation.

  • We are pleased to offer a full range of face-to-face and virtual consultation options.
  • We are happy to provide indications of surgical costs prior to your appointment, but please understand that we cannot confirm quotes until after a consultation with Dr Campbell-Lloyd.

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