ACLPS is coming to Adelaide in 2023
October 4, 2022
December 7, 2021
By Dr. Andrew Campbell-Lloyd

ACLPS is coming to Adelaide in 2023

2022 has been a good year to reflect, and to consider how I want to practice into the future. Assuming I don't keel over anytime soon, I should have a good 25-30 working years ahead of me in my profession, so I think taking 6 or 12 months to stop and consider how to to do that well is a worthwhile investment of my time.

I mentioned at the start of this year that Alana and I were going to take a year to reassess our practice, to think about our options and to enjoy a different pace of life. We've done that and it has been a very good thing.

Looking back, I've been thinking about the fact that it has been nearly a decade since Alana and I left Adelaide. We've done quite a bit in that time.

We've moved, learnt, travelled, moved again, started a practice, built something incredible, realised we didn't quite have all the answers, moved once more and started over.

I think we always planned to go back to Adelaide one day, but it was one of those cans we kept kicking down the road…it felt like there was always something else to be done first.

As it happens, due to a curious combination of chance, timing, family stuff and life things, an opportunity has arisen that we certainly didn’t anticipate when we closed our practice on the Gold Coast at the start of this year.

But, like most opportunities, there is only one chance to grab on, or you miss out.

And so, rather unexpectedly but quite delightedly, we will be returning to where it all began. ACLPS will open in Adelaide in 2023.

You will find us plying our trade at 120 Rundle St, Kent Town SA 5067.

Bookings for 2023 are now open!

From January 2023 I will be consulting exclusively from our Adelaide office.

So, come say hi. Let us know if we can help.

p. (08) 8318 7925


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