Update re. consultations with Dr Campbell-Lloyd
May 25, 2023
December 7, 2021
By Dr. Andrew Campbell-Lloyd

Update re. consultations with Dr Campbell-Lloyd

From June 1st 2023, we will require prepayment for your consultation with Dr Campbell-Lloyd.

As we are sure many of you will understand, "no-shows" are a major inconvenience for us, but just as importantly, "no-shows" mean that another patient who really wants to be seen as soon as possible may have missed out on an earlier appointment.

We allocate a significant amount of space in our rather tight schedule so that we can ensure that anyone looking for our help has time to discuss their options and ask questions. As a small practice operating within a niche area in plastic surgery, we want to make sure we can help the people who genuinely want and need it.

Starting next month, it will be a requirement for all patients to have completed their details in our patient portal so that we can take prepayment for a consultation a minimum of 24 hours prior to the appointment time.

If we don't have sufficient details in the portal to allow for prepayment, and we cannot contact you to obtain these details, please understand that we will have to cancel your appointment so that another patient can be brought forward from our waiting list.

We understand that there may be circumstances beyond anyone's control which mean you are unable to attend your appointment with minimal notice. If this is the case, we simply ask that you contact us as soon as you can to notify us.

For further details on our Fees policy, please click here.

Thanks for your understanding.