When can you see us in 2023?
March 8, 2023
December 7, 2021
By Dr. Andrew Campbell-Lloyd

When can you see us in 2023?

Just a quick update regarding our consulting and operating capacity for 2023.

We run our practice a little differently to many. One of the guiding principles of the practice is to make things as easy as possible for the people who are looking for help. So there are definitely no 6 month waiting lists here!

In general, consultations are available within 6 weeks of contacting us (but this may vary depending on time of the year and whether I have leave booked). Whilst some ladies may choose to book a consultation further ahead than that, we ensure that we have capacity to see new patients within that time frame. We do occasionally have cancellations, so Tanya and Kismet will always ask if you have availability at short notice should that be the case. If you have requested your appointment using our online appointment request, you can indicate whether you would be interested in a cancellation slot if one becomes available.

From that first consultation, we will always confirm quotes for surgery and we can start looking at operation dates. Bear in mind, you can always check our online price guides before your first appointment to be sure you have a reasonable idea of what costs to expect. We are absolutely committed to transparency. We are aware that accessing price information for plastic surgery procedures can be challenging, which is why we list approximate out-of-pocket costs (including hospital and anaesthetic fees) for many of our procedures on our website. Check out the price guides here.

We are continuing to increase our operating capacity to accommodate requests from our patients. The whole team is working hard to add additional lists where we can, and we are doing our best to source further options for you. We've recently been offered additional operating space which will come online in May, so our capacity will expand again from then onwards.

Our goal is to ensure that any patient considering surgery can access operation dates within 3 months of their initial consultation. Again, we understand that some patients like to plan well in advance and are considering surgery 6 or 12 months in the future, but we also appreciate that for many women, the choice to have surgery is something they have been contemplating for a long time and they prefer to avoid unnecessary waits. It's also important to understand that we may only perform certain procedures at some hospitals, which can mean that wait times may vary according to procedure.

Whatever your preference, we'll do our best to make things as easy as possible.

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions.